SFS Pro supports two flexible licensing models designed to fit the needs of your firm.

Named License

A named license is tied to a specific user and can be used on any number of computers by that same user. This is perfect for someone that works on both a desktop and a laptop and needs to run the software on both. It guarantees that a license will always be available for that person to create, edit, and export SFS documents.

Floating License

A floating license is sometimes referred to as a “per seat” license. Instead of being tied to a specific person, it guarantees you a certain number of concurrent users. For example, if you have three members of your firm, and any of them could create, edit, or export a SFS document, but only one of them will be doing it at a time, a single floating license is likely your best bet.


At Justified Solutions we realize that no two firms are exactly alike. If you have questions about what licensing option is best for you, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.